Editing Services
Project-based services are billed by the hour, with a minimum of 30 minutes per assignment. Depending on the scope of the project, V.L. Editing reserves the right to request partial payment to begin editing work. Invoices are emailed and due upon receipt.

Billed Services include time spent on the following, as it relates to your project:
necessary or related research; reading background materials; meetings, either over the phone or in person; emails; collaboration with your team; any activity done on behalf of your project

There is no charge for the initial, 30-minute phone call to discuss your written communication projects, needs or concerns.

Your Responsibility
Your written communication begins and ends with you. Your written documents develop from your ideas and responsibility for the content lies with you. V.L. Editing is not responsible for accuracy or fact checking.

Once the copy of your written assignment is complete, I highly recommend you have a final proofread before finalizing a document. There is no charge for proofreading the first four pages of any document that I have edited.

It is your job to review all edited documents and their final version is your responsibility.

Commitment to Quality
I am committed to helping you present yourself at your best in all your written business communication.

Suggested revisions are based on my knowledge of good writing and accepted standards of correct American English, as well as an established style guide, such as the “Associated Press Style Guide” and “The Chicago Manual of Style.” Any noteworthy divergence from such standards will be addressed as individual assignments require, with consistency always being key.

All content submitted for review is held confidential. I shall not disclose your information or share content under any circumstances unless specifically requested to do so by you, the writer/client, and with your prior written consent. The edited documents belong solely to you, the writer/client.

You can pay invoices for editing services with your credit card here:

Or, pay for editing services by check, made payable to V.L. Editing, and mail to 

V.L. Editing

PO Box 2285


Sebastopol, CA 95473

"I asked Victoria to help me prepare a talk for a business meeting.  We got together and within an hour, we had it knocked out and ready for me to piece together.  Thank you Victoria!" — Lee Brewster, Integrated Health Coach