I love working with Victoria! She's incredibly kind, super efficient, does what she says she'll do and has a great sense of humor. She's my go-to editor for sure. Even better is that I don't have to spend time explaining what I want or what I mean—she totally gets me!—Linda Basso, Marketing Coach


It’s easy to recognize that Victoria is professional, reliable and a great writer, but she’s so much more. She looks at your overall business and where you want to go with it, truly partnering with you to achieve your goals—she definitely goes above and beyond. She is committed to high quality, grasps concepts quickly and is flexible and easy to work with. Plus, she has a great network of other business professionals to recommend when you need them. I’m so glad to count her as part of my team. —Mike Little, Owner and Vacation Property                                                              Manager, The HB Experience 



Victoria is amazing at what she does. I recently needed to write a bio for my website. I sat in front of my computer for about an hour trying to make my three sentences sound good—I almost wore out the backspace key! When I was feeling okay with what I had, I sent it to Victoria. Within no time she emailed me back her revised version. I was completely impressed with the changes she made and how easily my bio read. I look forward to an opportunity to work with Victoria again. —Sandie Schach, Realtor, Terra Firma Global Partners


I have worked with Victoria for many years. She’s helped me with effective communication for my company, honing messages in our newsletters, improving copy on our website and writing articles for professional magazines. Teasing out what you want to say comes so naturally for her that you don’t even feel like you’re working.  Having Victoria on my team has given me confidence that projects can be accomplished in a timely manner. I highly recommend her and her services. —Will Bakx, Soil Scientist and Compost Management Consultant, Sonoma Compost Company, LLC






Victoria has a powerful combo of abilities: she's smart and personable and a good writer and editor! She's truly interested in her clients' stories, connects with people intuitively, and gets relevant background about who they are so she can write for them authentically. I enjoy working with her on projects because she's efficient and leaves clients with a smile on their faces — happy with her work and with the experience of working with her. I recommend her highly!—Linda Phillips Blue, CVO, Clarity Web Studio


Victoria is one of those women who not only has a very useful skill set but she knows how to take charge! I can always count on her to step up, make it better than it was (whatever it is), and most importantly, she does it without a lot of my time and energy! She is passionate about helping business people look their best when the written word is involved and she succeeds!—Cynthia Riggs, Business Consultant, The Biz Diva


Working with Victoria has been a wonderful experience. She’s efficient, very easy to work with and always does an outstanding job of turning my words into something professional and interesting. She has helped me with my e-book and other projects, so I have complete confidence in her ability and have referred her to my clients.—Susan Tollefson, Time Management Consultant, Inside Out Business Systems


A true wordsmith who is passionate about her work, Victoria has the ability to succinctly rewrite what I want to get across to my readers. She can take my over-abundance of words and create a document that is easy to read and effective—no matter whether it's a blog, newspaper article or website page. If I'm having a hard time writing, she listens to me and writes as if she is me. I trust her implicitly and know that when I give her a project, she will show me at my best. I count myself super lucky to have Victoria on my team and love referring her to others.—Deborah Myers, Acupressurist, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Founder, Health at Your Fingertips


I was putting together promotional pieces for my new business. Victoria helped me convey my message in a way that was concise and effective, while still using my words and style. My brochures sounded like me—but better! —Barbara Leland, Certified Holistic Health Coach, To Life–To Health