Meeting your written communication needs is a measure of my success.

As a dedicated professional, someone who truly believes in her work, you appreciate the importance of communicating your passion for what you do in all your business communication. Your commitment and expertise are what set you apart.  

By understanding you and your business goals, I help ensure your writing reflects your unique message and voice. With my support as your writing partner, you are able to complete your written communication projects, increase your confidence and free yourself to do the work you love.

My broad life experience, background in writing and education, and high standards combine with my naturally positive attitude and attention to detail, equipping me with what it takes to assess your communication needs and step in exactly where you need help.

Talk to me—let's see how I can help.



Through my unique approach as your writing partner, I work with you to bring your voice and passion to all your business communication. 

I provide support where you need it:

  • identifying and defining projects

  • developing and organizing your ideas

  • laying out a clear, consistent and attractive presentation

  • fine-tuning word choice, grammar and punctuation

  • proofreading

Approach to editing

“I have worked with Victoria for many years. She’s helped me with effective communication for my company, honing messages in our newsletters, improving copy on our website, and writing articles for professional magazines. Teasing out what you want to say comes so naturally for her that you don’t even feel like you’re working. Having Victoria on my team has given me confidence that projects can be accomplished in a timely manner. I highly recommend her and her services.”

—Will Bakx, Soil Scientist, Renewable Sonoma