—Writing Support for Dedicated Professionals—

                           As an independent professional or small-business owner, you know the pressure                                        of having to do it all to keep your business running.

Are you having trouble getting out your blog post, preparing a flyer to market a new service, upping the presentation quality of your job proposals, improving your Web copy?

You know these communication projects are necessary for your business to be successful, but sometimes it seems impossible to get it all done.

Imagine the relief of completing your writing projects on time! You’d be on top of your game. Your business communication would produce the positive results you want.

  • No more worry or anxiety about what you’re not getting done
  • Satisfaction of conquering your to-do list and knowing you’re on track
  • Confidence that you’re presenting your business in the best light
  • Assurance that your writing conveys your voice and passion
  • Certainty that you’re moving your business ahead
  • Freedom to focus on what you do well
  • More fulfillment from your work and life

Why not get the writing support you need and free yourself to do the work you excel at, the work you enjoy?

My approach goes beyond editing your words. I partner with you so that what you say in writing truly represents your voice and your vision.

Wherever you are at this moment, I work with you to get your communication projects started and finished, with top-quality results that will vitalize your business.

You’ll be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to get the help you need.

You want your writing to reflect you and the quality of your product or service. Let’s discuss your goals and move your business forward. The first 30 minutes are free!

—Victoria Lasin, editor

–Blogs –Marketing copy –Newsletters –e-Books –Brochures –Proposals

–Web copy –Flyers –Correspondence –Much more!



“Once I saw how easy it was to have Victoria review my blogs, I started sending her all my written work—proposals, contracts, important correspondence. Not only has the extra polish upped my confidence and professionalism, but I’m getting more jobs!”

Roberta Ryan, Business Coach, Ryan Business Design